Room Parents

The primary role of a room parent is to provide support and assistance to the teacher and to help create a strong class community. Make it a wonderful year for our children! Join in the fun! COMMUNICATION

  • Create a class roster and email list that can be shared with the class
  • Ensure clear, timely classroom communication between teacher and parents regarding activities, events and needs of the classroom via email, flyers and phone
  • Act as a go-to person for parents in the classroom
  • Stay in touch with room parent coordinators so we can all share ideas, forms, and information


  • Help organize with the teacher for classroom birthday parties and other events
  • Plan and oversee teacher gifts for the holidays and end of year (be sure to talk to your teacher to find out their personal feelings on gifts)
  • Participate in Teacher Appreciation Week


  • Recruit and coordinate classroom volunteer needs and chaperones for classroom activities
  • Assist with classroom tasks as needed and encourage other classroom parents to participate
  • Help generate interest, enthusiasm and volunteers for school events and fundraisers by encouraging participation

*Exact responsibilities will vary by teacher so be sure to meet with your teacher early in the year and find out what their needs are! Due to privacy of the individuals their phone numbers and email addresses are not listed here. To obtain contact information please refer to the Dawes Directory.