Garden of Eatin’


The Dawes School Garden Committee wishes to thank the many parent volunteers who assisted with planting and harvesting in our school garden this spring. A special thanks to Susan Hespos who has taught all the garden classes these past few years. Not only that. She was behind the scenes writing garden grants. Her hope is to receive a grant to continue her garden research and thus extend her tenure at Dawes even as her son Aiden moves on to Chute. 


Join us this summer in the Dawes Garden of Eatin’ Every Thursday evening throughout the summer, from 5-7pm (weather permitting) Help grow our Dawes Garden of Eatin’ Picnic with your family after the planting and harvest. Celebrate our garden’s beauty with other Dawes families.   Overview Dawes Garden 1:28:13 copy Dawes Garden ABC’s Dawes School Garden The Dawes School Garden of Eatin’ As part of the Slow Food in the Schools Project, our aim is to introduce children to the pleasures of fresh, unprocessed food that they have grown organically, cared for and harvested in our garden. At the heart of our program are the Tastings, where we sit down as a class to savor the freshly prepared garden dishes. The first salad of the season is now excitedly awaited in the spring. And in the autumn when the children return to school, the garden is ripe with fruiting plants – tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, and beans, which the children harvest and which are then prepared in a variety of ways for their enjoyment. Still the most rewarding part of the harvest over our first five years is watching the children’s passion for the garden develop. It is a place to enjoy working the soil, to be with their friends, to be amazed by the miracle of life and all its forms, to learn that our own fate is connected to how we grow our food, and to truly know the difference between real food and junk food. Garden_Locations Garden